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Distribution of Conative Strengths Among Teachers, Students, and Students diagnosed with ADD and/or ADHD - This two-year study introduces alarming statistically significant results regarding the unequal distribution of certain conative strengths in students diagnosed with ADD/ADHD in comparison to their non-ADD/ADHD peers and teachers.

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How to be Wildly Successful - A column about Kolbe Wisdom by Dr. Martha Beck in The Oprah Magazine.

Parenting by Instinct - Peer groups, popular entertainment, and increasingly, video games and the Internet, all entice youngsters relentlessly-and compete with parental efforts. Dr. Edward Hoffman, Ph.D. and Kathy Kolbe discuss parenting, one of life's greatest satisfactions as well as its most intense challenges.

Derek's Story - A mother's view of the Kolbe Index.

Impulsive? Distracted? Quick Start? Experts say you suffer from ADD - Discover what Kathy Kolbe says may really be the cause of "ADD".

How to Get More Done - Kathy Kolbe writes about learning to use your instinctive strengths to operate more efficiently by having the "freedom to be yourself."

Relationships Built on Instinct - Dr. Edward Hoffman, Ph.D. discusses the way instincts influence your relationships.

Are You Igniting Your Own Burnout? - Conative expert Kathy Kolbe explains how you may be unknowingly leading yourself to burn out... and how you can reverse it.

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